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How To Determine Fair Pricing For HVAC Service And Repairs

Tired of getting a quote for a service call for $69 only to find out it just covers the diagnostic fee? Any repairs and/or adjustments are billed at a flat rate fee, which includes parts and additional labor? This usually leaves the customer wondering why a 69$ service call turned into a repair bill in excess of $200 or $300.


At Suburban Heat and cooling we do things the old fashion way:


  1. When a call comes in, you will speak to an experienced HVAC technician before any service is scheduled. He will ask a few questions to determine if you require professional service or if it’s something you can check yourself.

  2. If it is necessary to send a service technician to your home, we will coordinate the earliest time available that meets with your schedule.

  3. Currently our fee is $129 (for up to 45 minutes) to diagnose and repair the issue. Any parts would be extra and additional labor is billed @ $129 per hour (in half hour increments).

  4. Most repairs can be done within the 45 minute window because we carry the most commonly used parts on our service vehicles.

  5. In some cases, a part may need to be purchased/ordered from the manufacturer requiring an additional visit.


Accurately diagnosing the issue(s) that are keeping you’re A/C system from

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