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Heating Oil Deliveries


Automatic Customers:

The majority of our customers enjoy the benefits of worry-free automatic deliveries. With one of the most intelligent fuel oil
delivery programs on the market, our computers can accurately calculate your next delivery. Daily input of degree-day data
enables us to receive constant updates as to the volume of oil in our automatic customer's tanks. This system virtually eliminates
any possibility of an automatic customer run-out. Once an automatic delivery is made, our customers can still take advantage of
the C.O.D. prices to save $.10 per gallon by sending in full payment within five business days.

Will-Call Accounts:

Customers who prefer to call in to schedule a heating oil delivery will receive a $.10 per gallon discount by paying C.O.D or within
five business days, with an approved credit application on file. Although many deliveries are made the day they are ordered, call
customers should allow a minimum of 2 business days for delivery of a call-in order. Orders are 100-gallon minimum and can be
called in 24 hours a day, 365 days a years.  

Budget Plans:

Many of our customers prefer to make an estimated monthly payment spread throughout the year. On the budget plan, you will
know how much and when your next payment is due. There is no additional charge for this service. All accounts that are current
automatically receive a $.05 per gallon discount on all of their heating oil deliveries.

24/7 Emergency Service:

No matter which program you choose, as a valuable customer of Suburban Heating & Cooling Inc., emergency service is just a
phone call away. For over 35 years, our customers have relied on us to keep their families warm. Why not enjoy the peace of
mind that comes from knowing, that no matter what time your system decides to stop working, a licensed, experienced service
technician will be on his way soon.

If you are interested in opening a no obligation oil and/or service account, please print and fill out a Suburban Credit AP.

If you are interested in opening a no obligation oil and/or service account, and would like to have your charges billed directly to
your credit card, please print and fill out a
Suburban Credit Card AP.

Forms can be emailed

Faxed to: (781) 932-7877

Or mailed to:

Suburban Heating & Cooling Inc.
New Accounts
26 Henshaw St.
Woburn, MA 01801

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